Beginner’s Guide on How to Gamble the Smart Way 


Being new to gambling can be exciting because you have a lot of options to explore from the most hyped up gambling sites to the most generous bonuses offered. However, this can also be an issue stopping newcomers from settling. After all, you deserve to play at the best online casino. Likewise, you also need to maximise your sessions by gambling wisely rather than just betting aimlessly. 

Fortunately for you, hundreds of gamblers have gone through the same experiences and have made mistakes that made them wiser. They wish to pass down these six tips to help novices be a better gambler at the start:

Three Tips in Evaluating a Casino

The first three you should know is how to find the ideal online casino. You can narrow your options to whichever has a licence to legally operate in your country because you can lose connection with those that don’t in the future. Checking the casino’s quality of services can be more nuanced but you can simplify it using only the following tips:

Go Straight to the Bonuses and Read Their Requirements

The first and most important is evaluating the promotions. You have to weigh their offer with their requirements and determine if it’s fair or not relative to how you play. For example, a bonus with a high requirement is great if you are a high roller but casual players should consider free bets and spins like loyalty bonuses. Winnerz welcome bonuses are good examples of the perfect balance between the two sides because of their flexible package. 

Check Out the Casino’s Partner Game Providers on Google

Seeing which games are available won’t tell you much about the online casino’s potential growth. The best way to gauge that is to know which software providers are partnered with the gambling site’s operators. 

Go to the casino’s list of providers either somewhere on their homepage or using a list built into the search engine. Google ‘top 10 game providers’ on another tab and see if the casino’s list matches any or several of the most highly-rated brands. Some great examples include Play’N GO, Evolution, and BGaming.

Prefer Local Payment Methods Over International Options Unless it’s Crypto

The problem with most payment service providers is their limited means to support foreign currencies. Even if you are using an international brand, you may struggle to link it with your local bank or have an established connection interrupted by a change in policies. Most of them also force users to convert to more universally accepted currencies like the United States dollar (USD) or Euro (EUR) which comes with a high fee.

The best workaround for problems with banks is to use cryptocurrencies. Your options include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Tether (USDT) as some of the most universally accepted assets. Unlike fiat, these currencies can be used in direct transactions between sender and recipient. It’s secure, fast, and cheap compared to bank transfers.

Three Tips to Become a Wise Gambler

Two of the following tips are for different types of gamblers but you can apply them on separate sessions depending on your mood. The third tip is universal which you should observe as often as possible. These are all practices of a smart casino gambler and you can follow them as a beginner until they become second-nature:

Play Table Games if You are a High Roller

The online casino table game category consists of games like baccarat, roulette, poker, and craps. Essentially, they are based on table-top games where there’s a dealer and a set of bets with fixed payout rates based on odds. High rollers love them because they can expect a consistent hit rate on various options. 

What makes table games good for high roller gambling is the ability to control your fate. You can get a win rate as high as roughly 50% at games like Andar Bahar and roulette with the lowest payout being 1:1. This is small if you pay using a low ante but it’s a fortune for high rollers staking €100 minimum per round. 

Play Slot Games if You are a Casual Bettor

Casual gamblers are those who pay using small bets between €0.1 to €100 at most. This range can be too small for table games but it can fetch a high payout, up to thousands in slots. What’s more is you can win between a fraction of your ante to multiples of tens in every round, ensuring that you can gain something instead of outright losing the bet. 

Unlike in table games, you don’t have to win every round in slots. You just have to hit big paying combinations like the jackpot or bonus features. Spread your bankroll to as many bets as possible and let the slot game play on idle using the autoplay or autospin feature. 

Always Play Using Bonuses

The best online casinos have rewarding bonuses dedicated to helping you place a higher stake or bet more times than what your initial funds could allow. Either way works for all kinds of games that you fancy playing at an online casino. 

There are plenty of offers you can get like the Winnerz welcome bonuses that each account can get right after registration. You should also see if there are cash returns, weekly reload, or a loyalty program for long-term passive rewards. All of these can help you win either the jackpot on slots or big payouts at any table game.

Why Should You Follow Betting Tips?

The true fun of gambling begins once you begin understanding its nuances. As a beginner, you are not likely to pick up on the best ways to play a game or how to choose a proper casino without experience. Tips are wisdom from veteran gamblers who have already made the mistakes that any newbie can fall into. This wisdom is what they wish to give you so you can be a better gambler than them. Always seek tips to be the wisest gambler you can be.